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This October, we are mega excited about the circus festival Circus City which is starting up in Bristol. If you have failed to notice thus far there is a new WEBSITE with lots of really cool events. As a member of the Bristol Circus Forum Ausform is a partner and will be producing VOLT:Women in Circus for the festival. You’ll be hearing loads about this so we thought since we are well enthusiastic about some things we thought we’d share out excitement.

A must see. The more we find out about these ladies the more we love them. Coming to Circomedia from Copenhagen is an anarchic and ambitious hour of live art/theatre and circus. What we find exciting is that these ladies are Scandinavian (like director Lina) and appear to be whirlwind powerhouses beaming with integrity. They are brave (!) and bold (!) AND they have awesome circus skills – just like everything excellent in life. The show appears to take the form of a stylish live-art show about the nature of being a strong woman and the sensitivities that lie behind. Spoken word and synchronised dancing feature as well as swinging trapeze, corde lisse and contortion. GET A TICKET TODAY. 

Can not wait for this show. Seriously stylish visual art/live art/circus cross over in what is described as “fascinating, poetic and disturbing show”. Produced by collective La Scarbreuse who’s (founder) members include Jean-Michel Guy previously president of the jury of Jeunes Talentes Cirque d’Europe (Circus Next), has directed shows for Companie Non Nova (of plastic bag show fame), and teaches critical and aesthetical critic at École Nationale des Arts du Cirque of Rosny-sous-Bois and at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque of Châlons-en-Champagne this show comes with nothing short but serious promise.
GET A TICKET TODAY – this is the chance to see something out of the ordinary.

Ok, so what is this all about? Well, remember that really cool show we produced by Ziggy that previewed earlier this year? It comes back to première as a Trilogy (=in 3 parts).

  • The original version (ticket link) is playing at the Wickham Theatre – this is the version that previewed returning in full glory.
  • The Raw version (ticket link) is a really stripped-back version of the piece. Ziggy has always wanted to make a version of this performance that feels more feral, wild, untamed, potentially more improvised and more connected in the moment. The Raw version will have a more informal and immersive seating structure and potentially nudity (yet to be decided).
  • Then there is the one-to-one performance. When Ziggy first developed this show she developed a section of the performance which we refer to as “the encounter”. The encounter is a really powerful moment where Ziggy and one person (you) encounter each other in a smallish space. It is based on how animals, particularly horses interact and get to know humans through non-verbal communication. We suggest you go and see either The Encounter and one other version or all three. This isn’t on sale yet, but will be in the next week. Location still secret however we can reveal it’s central Bristol.

There is a special Trilogy ticket which you can get by and talking to Sophie the Box Office Manager. Come come come! (even if you saw the original before the other versions will feel new and like a compliment to that experience). Note these are our words not Ziggy’s, rumours have it she is working on a blog post for her website talking about the trilogy versions 🙂

NOT SHOWS: Another seriously cool thing about Circus City is what appears to be called ‘OTHER EVENTS’. Other usually refers to anything that is impossible to define as a homogenous group (or as here, invitation to discuss). Make sure you’ve clocked the Artists Breakfasts, the Circus Futures all day open space on the future of contemporary circus. For those of us who are familiar with Open Spaces lets make this an explosion in constructive forward thinking (!!!) and come fuelled with thought, armed with ideas to discuss and debate! It’s pretty pricey, but get in there quick – if you’re an artist then you’re bloody lucky and can apply for a subsidised ticket for a tennar… HERE.

WORKSHOPS: We also recommend you get involved with the Clowns and Power programme. There are both workshops over whole weeks and weekends with Bim Mason, John Wright and Peta Lily. All extremely experienced teachers of the subject in question. What we find excellent about this the subversive theme. People who have power have responsibility – but where lies the responsibility of the clown in terms of power we (team Ausform) wonder??


Very important to remember also! 
VOLT: Women in Circus

Produced by Ausform in partnership with Circomedia

At the moment both Grania and Maddie are working away in their studios on the development of the work they are going to scratch. We are also working on the material that will form the basis of the discussion on Women in Circus. We have already gathered quite a lot of interest on this. To get ideas for yourself read Lucy Loves Circus self-initiated blog on why she wants to take part in this discussion. 

Circomedia 14 Oct 7:30pm

*** Tickets available here only £8/6 ***

See you there – show us you care!

Love from Team Ausform x


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