The Micro-Fest is Ausform’s annual three day festival of unusual theatre, dance and new circus taking place in Bristol, UK. It’s our flagship project that has been running since 2009. We are interested in introducing new artists to new audiences, presenting finished performances, work in progresses, artist talks and free public interactions. The MICRO-FEST sets off across several spaces in the city inviting you to come see, do and be part of something Bristol has never experienced before.

The programme we create has a interdisciplinary and international focus, which results in a vibrant and diverse collection of work. A day or evening with the MICRO-FEST can take you to a variety of places through a variety of forms; Theatre in Texas, Dub Poetry in Jamaica, Apothecary in your local shop, for example.

The last two years we have been able to up our game thanks to funding from Arts Council England as well as support from peer organisations in the city.

Watch below from 2015 and 2014…

FULL 2015 PROGRAMME LISTING AT www.ausformmicrofest15.wordpress.com


In November 2014 we held our 15th Micro-Fest, Heres what we got up to:

FULL 2014 PROGRAMME LISTING AT www.ausformmicrofest.wordpress.com

Watch this space for what we will be cooking up for 2016.

If you would like to know more about the Micro-Fest you can contact Co-Producer Danny (danny@ausform.co.uk).
2014 Micro-Fest:

Microfest for blog with white

Pictures from the top to the bottom are all taken by Paul Samuel White of Social Muscle Club, Intercourse by Louise Ahl, Citizen’s Exchange Bureau by Hayworth + Hayhoe, Cosas by Alma Söderberg & Down Up by Arron Sparks.

Also you can read interviews from the artists who took part in the Micro-Fest 2014 with writer and documenter Richard Alsan, who also presented Social Muscle Club at the end party of the Micro-Fest (you should check out more of his excellent work here).

The booklet follows the very simple format of three questions: what do you do, how do you do it and why do you do it? Read the short booklet below to discover more.

Ausform’s Micro-Fest is made possible with funds from Arts Council England.


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