We are an independent ideas-lead award winning producing company based in Bristol, promoting and presenting new circus and unusual theatre. We are interested in performance that crosses art forms from theatre and visual art to circus and installation. 

As part of our core activity we run Ausform Micro-Festival, a platform for new and emerging performance work across the city of Bristol, VOLT Circus Artist Development Strand including VOLT Scratch Night and VOLT Circus LAB in partnership with Circomedia Portland Square.

We are interested in working with people who explore ideas and create high quality work in and around circus and unusual theatre arts. 

Ausform has a European focus and we constantly look for new collaborators, ideas and opportunities for ourselves, our art forms and our community.

Projects include:

For more information in English contact:

Lina B. Frank
Executive Producer

Main supporters:

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Ausform are proud members of Fresh Arts Coalition Europe  – an international network of arts organisations that advocates, promotes and informs on emerging artforms and multi-disciplinary creation.

Ausform is also a member of Bristol Circus Forum delivering the ambition and vision of Bristol Circus City.


For general inquiries info@ausform.co.uk

Questions about/suggestions for VOLT: volt@ausform.co.uk

Lina B. Frank – Director and Executive Producer  lina@ausform.co.uk

Danny Prosser – Co-Producer Ausform Micro-Fest 2015  danny@ausform.co.uk

James Vickery – Graphic Designer

Paul Blakemore, Paul Samuel White and Graham Burke – Photographers


We often work with these guys too:

Jen Sherlock – Best technical support we have ever had

Bill Wilson – Legend

Paul Blakemore – Photographer (Multiple platforms)

Graham Burke – Photographer (VOLT Photographer)

Paul Samuel White – Photographer (Two Legged Animal and AFFIX)

Ben Motz – Lights

Santiago Martinez – Lights

Anna Barrett – Light Designer


People who have in the past helped make Ausform what it is today:

Hannah Sullivan, Mike Tew, Jojo Townsend, Harriet Garbas, Helen Parkey Peanut Parke, Jessie Percival, Annelies Henny, Mike Keene, Fae, Alfie Heffer, Noemi Iglesias, Miriam Casal, Zuleika Gregory, James Vickary, Sarah Acton, Helena Scott-Hardy.



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