Nominate a woman in #circus!

On the 14th of October we are producing an event called VOLT: Women in Circus in partnership with Circomedia as part of Circus City. 

The idea sprung from being involved in the programming of the festival and looking globally of which studio/midscale shows were touring it seems there was an abundance of male dominated ensembles making great work. I started to wonder where the girl ensembles or even mixed girl dominated groups were and what they were making, but there seems to be very few around.
VOLT: Women in Circus as sparked and in order to not just talk and in order to also spark a positive discourse around female work we decided to support two females making work who’d previously shown work in VOLT Scratch Night and to host a discussion admittedly loosely titled Women in Circus.

People are interested. Before I’d even had time to update the copy to reflect the framing of the event social media took hold of the event and people (Lucy loves circus) even wrote a blog about it the event and why they wanted to be involved.

In order to keep the positivity flowing and also curious of what women in circus are up to I rather hastily put together a questionnaire asking people to nominate an inspiring woman in circus and tell us a story about them.
Overwhelmed with the response there are now a lot of nominations and they are very lovely. There is so much positive energy out there and so much awe for women. This is partly what we will be chatting about on the 14th.

So I urge you to keep nominating and to spread the word as wide around the world as you can so we get nominations not just from England but from everywhere!

There are no rules as to who you can nominate, the only thing is that they need to exist anywhere in the Circus world somehow (now or in history).

Here is the link!  Nominate away!

Lots of love Lina & team Ausform

ps. you are awesome. thanks for reading.

ps 2. Wanna come see the event? Here it is! 

ps. 3 Lead image taken by Graham Burke for Ausform of Abby Evans and Imogen McRae at VOLT Scratch Night

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