For general enquiries:

Lina B. Frank – Director and Executive Producer

Hannah Sullivan – Line Producer

Danny Prosser – Line Producer & Marketing Assistant

Michael Tew – Production  & Marketing Assistant

James Vickery – Graphic Designer


Often working with:

Paul Blakemore – Photographer

Graham Bourke – Photographer

Jen Sherlock – Lights

Ben Motz – Lights

People who have in the past helped make Ausform what it is today:

Ed Rapley, Harriet Garbas, Helen Parkey Peanut Parke, Jessie Percival, Annelies Henny, Mike Keene, Fae, Alfie Heffer, Noemi Iglesias, Miriam Casal, Zuleika Gregory, James Vickary, Sarah Acton, Helena Scott-Hardy, Bill Wilson, Anna Barrett.

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