Two Legged Animal

Two Legged Animal is a new circus performance by Ziggy. Ziggy showed the very beginnings of this piece at one of Ausform’s VOLT Scratch Nights at Circomedia in 2013 and subsequently won the VOLT Award for that year. The award unlocked a small amount of seed funding and a lot of producing support from Ausform which propelled the show into production in 2014 and subsequently playing in Circus City Festival in 2015 in a trilogy format.


A woman rises to her feet clutching the skull of a horse, and circling to the tune of a fiddle player.
The timeless relationship between human and horse, women and the wild.
Strong, fragile, beautiful and feral.
In this debut solo show Ziggy brings her special combination of expressive performance and circus skill to the fearless voice and music of Rowan Rheingans.
Together they slip between worlds and lives, part woman, part horse, part circus, part magic.
An Intense and mesmerising journey across an open landscape and in to the night.

Two Legged Animal calls to the heart in all of us that cannot be tamed.VOLT: Award Winner 2014The trilogy includes a short intimate experience for one audience member at a time, the original show which previewed to great success earlier this year and a newly created raw stripped-back experience of the original performed in the intimate setting of All Hallows Hall. See one, or experience them all.

Audience feedback:
“Intense, mesmerising, magical, powerful, feminine, strong, beautiful, immersive, important & outstanding”
“Never seen anything like it before”
“We were utterly awestruck, immersed in the unravelling tale”

Ziggy is an aerialist whose background in visual and performance art has given her a reputation for unusual, sculptural and emotionally engaged aerial circus. Her principle skill is corde lisse, performing with beautiful awareness of height, space, physical vulnerability and the sensuality of the discipline.

Lead Artist – Ziggy Slingsby
Music Composed, Arranged and Performed – Rowan Rheingans
Dramaturge – Rob Tannion
Butoh Movement Practitioner and Mentor – Holly Holt
Outside Eye – John-Paul Zaccarini
Costume Designer – Helena Andersson
Lighting Designer – Jen Sherlock
Photographer / Videographer- Paul Samuel White
Produced by Ausform

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Read more about the projects on Ziggy’s process micro-site. Rowan Rheingans has been commissioned to make and perform the live music in the show. Check out Rowan’s website here.


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