Knots above the rest – blog post about Knot Circus at Bristol Old Vic

 by Helen Parke – Ausform Production Assistant


Image by Paul Blakemore

I’d been patiently waiting for around 3 years to watch Jonathan Priest perform…
I remember meeting him for the first time whilst he was teaching a student of his over from Sweden how to pirouette. On rope that is. In the air I mean.
I remember the consistent pace of a silent climb, heavy inhalations and exhalations, the 360 degree horizontal spin then the sound of her hitting the crash mat. Again and again.
I’d just started training rope myself and after that impressionable day ,an admiration of Jonathan’s style and attitude to training began to develop and continues to this day, influencing my own work.
Knot Circus exceeded all my expectations. Which were at some height to begin with. An intelligent and witty narrative which sent ripples of laughter through the studio of Bristol Old Vic. His rope work was utterly seamless and effortless showing inspirational strength. I somehow felt like I’d been let into a little secret, paying particular attention to his relationship with not one, but three individual ropes.
Patience is a virtue, and this was certainly worth waiting for.


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