VOLUNTEER FOR AUSFORM Welcome to this year’s AUSFORM MICRO-FEST 2015 A four-day burst of progressive performance, live music, parties and discussions Ausform began as a voluntary venture, over the years we have grown and grown but still love meeting new people and providing enthusiastic people with the opportunities to learn new skills and gain valuable … Continue reading

Thank you!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to VOLT: Women in Circus this week. Both the R&D’s presented were absolutely beautiful and more than 50 people shared their thoughts on paper for Maddie McGowan and Grania Pickard to help them develop their shows at the next stage. The amazing Paul Blakemore was there to document … Continue reading

Nominate a woman in #circus!

On the 14th of October we are producing an event called VOLT: Women in Circus in partnership with Circomedia as part of Circus City.  The idea sprung from being involved in the programming of the festival and looking globally of which studio/midscale shows were touring it seems there was an abundance of male dominated ensembles … Continue reading

Ausform’s guide to Circus City

Hi there! If you subscribe to our newsletter you will already have got this, here is a second chance to read it. We’ve been told it inspired people to see the things listed. We know it is wordy, it’s not an accident – read it all. This October, we are mega excited about the circus … Continue reading


VOLT: WOMEN IN CIRCUS   PRESENTED BY AUSFORM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CIRCOMEDIA AS PART OF CIRCUS CITY FESTIVAL Wed 14 October 7:30 PM BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE VENUE: CIRCOMEDIA This October, in place of our regular bi-annual scratch night we bring you a very special event, VOLT: Women in Circus. We are teaming up with … Continue reading


Dear friends and colleagues, Thank you so much for all your kind and generous contributions to our campaign. You have collectively made it possible to refilm our show!!!!!! It is has already made a massive difference to us and the future of Two Legged Animal.   We are currently making a plan and will be … Continue reading

We are crowdfunding for Two Legged Animal

We need your help to spread the word and support our crowdfunder to reshoot a film of Two Legged Animal.   You can see Ziggy talk about the campaign and the show below or head on over to Indiegogo to check out the project page for Two Legged Animal.     About Two Legged Animal We had a … Continue reading

Check out the incredible images from VOLT #5

VOLT #5 took place in February 2015. We were treated to a beautiful exploration of working with a weighted hoop by the talented Will Davis, Simon Abel experimented with a crystal ball, beats and a pretty spectacular jumper, Molly Volare paired clowning and corde lisse and Imogen Rose Macrae strutted her stuff in the Circomedia rafters. All of … Continue reading

John Ellingsworth tell us about DOCH’s newest course

We were lucky enough to get John’s answers to a few questions about DOCH’s newest course: An Introduction to Contemporary Circus which will be starting in October. Hi. I’m John Ellingsworth – I run a website called Sideshow. I’m teaching a new course at DOCH, An Introduction to Contemporary Circus, along with my colleague Duncan Wall, … Continue reading

Remembering the Micro-Fest

Ausform HQ we are pretty excited about a few things that we are starting to cook up, but sadly we can’t share any of it yet! Instead we thought we could share our nostalgia for our 15th Micro-Fest with this wonderful film about all that the Ausform Micro-Fest: