Welcome to this year’s AUSFORM MICRO-FEST 2015

A four-day burst of progressive performance, live music, parties and discussions

Ausform began as a voluntary venture, over the years we have grown and grown but still love meeting new people and providing enthusiastic people with the opportunities to learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

Due to the nature and origins of Ausform, we work with a DIY approach to creating our festival. The work is hands on and open to ideas and thoughts from the whole team. We are looking to bring together a dedicated, enthusiastic, reliable team to assist Ausform’s existing production team to deliver the successful preparation and delivery of the Micro-Fest.

Volunteer role: 

Outline of the role and commitment:

It will be possible for you to try out a few roles during the Micro-Fest! It might be that you are only able to commit to part or some of the festival or you just decide to commit to the whole week!

You could be:

  • A first point of call for Micro-Fest information and creating a general welcoming atmosphere!
  • A helper spreading the word of the Micro-Fest
  • Head of the Hub, overseeing the running of the Micro-Fest HUB
  • Running the cafe/bar
  • Helping set up the various venues for discussions and events!
  • A Box Bean: assisting the running of the Box Office and steward the performances accruing
  • Assisting the running of the Social Muscle Club and be a Social Muscle Clubber, including supporting the SMC facilitators, helping with the cabaret gift performances and running the bar during SMC
  •  Partying with the whole team throughout the Festival late into the night!

If you are interested in being a helping hand, please fill out the form below and email to Assistant Producer Michael – Mike@ausform.co.uk!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ausform Micro-Fest is made possible with funds from Arts Council England.

Volunteer Application Form Micro-Fest2015

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