We are crowdfunding for Two Legged Animal

We need your help to spread the word and support our crowdfunder to reshoot a film of Two Legged Animal.


You can see Ziggy talk about the campaign and the show below or head on over to Indiegogo to check out the project page for Two Legged Animal.



About Two Legged Animal

We had a really beautiful show that was made over a whole year. Two Legged Animal was Ziggy’s first full length performance produced by Ausform, the show previewed at the Wickham Theatre in February 2015 for one night only to a completely sold out audience. Their reaction was wonderful and we were incredibly proud.

Sadly the video that we commissioned of the show for booking purposes got corrupted and all we have is still photography. The problem is that the show is so unique and as this was first work with Ziggy as a lead artist; we are now unable to obtain bookings for what is a great show.

If you could donate a little (or a little bit more!) to help us remount the show in order to document it you’d help to secure the future of a show which we have worked on for so long & help to bring it to hundreds of audiences in the UK and beyond.



Hiring Theatre                                                               £350
Videographer (including post-production work)   £400
Travel & accommodation for musician                    £100
Our technician                                                               £100
Rehearsal space (1 day before filming)                     £100
Performers & musicians fees                                      £400
Producing support                                                        £200

TOTAL                                                                            £1650

We’re putting in £150 to the project but we need an extra £1500 to make this happen.


How you can help

Please help us by sharing the campaign on twitter, talking about it on facebook, and anything else you can think of! If you are able to donate to indiegogo it really would mean the world to us.

Thank you!


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