Two Legged Animal Teaser

The time has come. Everyone has been back at work for a little while and needs something to look forward to. That is what we are bringing you from here at Ausform HQ.

Feast your eyes on this:

The timeless relationship between human and horse, women and the wild. Performed with tail-flicking freedom, Ziggy brings to life the drumbeat of timeless hooves and the tension of the rope. The field is a circus and the sawdust is grass. Stark and tender Two Legged Animal is a windswept journey across open landscapes and through the night, encompassing the sensual and animalistic aspects of female empowerment.
Ziggy is an aerialist whose background in visual and performance art has given her a reputation for unusual, sculptural and emotionally engaged aerial circus. Her principle skill is corde lisse, performing with beautiful awareness of height, space, physical vulnerability and the sensuality of the discipline.

Two Legged Animal

Venue: Wickham Theatre

Date: Wed 4th Feb  7:30pm

Tickets: £9/£5 available here


Do you make circus performance work? Do you have something to share that you are working on at the moment? Apply for VOLT #5 here. Ausform first started working with Ziggy as she was the recipient of the VOLT award in 2014. Deadline for applications is 14th Jan – that’s this week!

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