Thank you to our audiences!

Hello you wonderful people.

Thank you so much for coming down and spending your time with us at the Micro-Fest – we have just about recovered from the most epic closing party on Saturday night.

We thought you might like to see a little bit of a peak behind the scenes to what went into making the Micro-Fest. Here you can see the preparations including mopping, paper chain making and general organisation:

prepHere is a little view into some of the programmed events which you might have attended including dining event Cuisine + Colour, one-to-one Citizen’s Exchange Bureau, film In Search of the Wildman, yo-yo performance Down-Up and the photography exhibition from Cuisine + Colour:


Finally some images of the party times from the Micro-Fest, including the rather epic all nighter that followed the excellent Social Muscle Club:

party copy

Final words from our Intern Michael Tew:

Dear avid readers of my blog posts, today I sadly write that this is my last day in the office. As we listen to iconic Christmas songs and type frantically on our keyboards I write these words to you. Thank you Ausform and the friends that I have made over this period of working with you. It has been brilliant. I certainly do not see this as an end in the journey. I will have to see you tonight because I still have the social to undertake. Here’s hoping there is no major disasters.

So for now I use the Character of Violet as inspiration from the film Nine to Five and say ‘I have to go shopping. We’re running out of everything: coffee, hot water from an urn, Micro-fest Beer, an aloe vera plant and Slasks.’

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