Citizens Exchange Bureau at Ausform Micro-Fest

Libraries, National Parks, Citizens Advice Bureau – what is happening to our public places? How does the alteration, privatisation, closure of our public areas and facilities affect public life? If things have to change, then what services or spaces are really useful or supportive to public life? With the ever decreasing facilities for public support and advice, maybe we should pool our resources, our collective knowledge?

In collaboration with St Nicholas Market and the Bristol City Council a new public service will take place in a currently disused room – The Old Electoral Services Room.



The Bureau is a playful exchange that firstly encourages the idea that the public is a knowledgeable body by creating an exchange system that is constantly added to with every appointment. Secondly, the Bureau is a suggested system to counteract a feeling of isolation that the closure of public support and space is likely to induce.

The work of artists Haworth + Hayhoe is experience-based open structures that encourage social engagement. The heart and meaning of their work lies in the material generated from encounters between participants, performers, facilitators and physical installations.

Haworth + Hayhoe are used to inhabiting new and temporary places, the Bureau has previously visited Glasgow, Liverpool, Brighton, Lancaster, Folkestone and London. The knowledge gathered in these cities will travel with the Bureau and be accessible at its Bristol edition during the Micro-Fest, items it include:

Histories | Songs | Anecdotes | Instructions | Dances | Diagrams | Wisdoms | Recipes | Guides | Poems | Discoveries | Legends | Stories | Demonstrations

The Bureau will be open from 12pm – 5pm on Thursday 27th November – Saturday 29th November, as part of the Ausform Micro-Fest.

Click here to book your free 15 minute appointment.

We look forward to meeting you,
Citizens Exchange Bureau

Accompanying the Bureau is Lost Spaces and Aural Knowledge, a discussion with Haworth + Hayhoe about their work. Join us on Friday 28th November, 5.30 – 6.30pm at the Micro-Fest Hub, this event is free but ticketed.

Ausform Micro-Fest

We are fast approaching the Micro-Fest next week and we already have a sell out on our hands – make sure that you don’t miss out on tickets as they’re going like hot cakes! Check out the whole programme here and get tickets here


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