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I was stunned by Alma and Louise. I was stunned by Louise in March 2013 in an old glue factory in Glasgow. I was stunned by Alma in May 2014 in a glass box on the roof of a theatre in Brussels. These separate occasions have led to the creation of one event, the upcoming Ausform Micro-Fest: Double-Bill.

Ausform likes double-bills, triple-bills, quadruple-bills! We like creating a journey for an audience through several pieces of work, we like seeing contrasting performances, we like seeing overlaps, we also like solo performers who make short punchy work that rips up the stage for 30 minutes – then after a short break we are ready for another one!

And so this years Double Bill contains Intercourse by the Ultimate Dancer/Louise Ahl and Cosas by Alma Soderberg.

Heres a little background on the two artists from my point of view:

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Alma Soderberg born in Sweden studied ballet at royal ballet school and tap dancing in her room, she moved to Seville to study flamenco at the age of 16. In Amsterdam, Alma found the right conditions to make work.

‘I went to choreography school in Amsterdam and I had the chance to develop my own language. The school was very unconventional, like a fine art school. I had a lot of time to make my own practice’

Alma in conversation with Richard Aslan, writer of accompanying ‘interviews with the artists’ booklet to be released with the Micro-Fest.

This is where she made Cosas; a sound, movement, music, rhythmical extravaganza. Cosas is an important first solo piece because it is when she developed the ‘cosas practice’ which consists of; reading the newspaper, creating collages, writing a score out of the collages and then she rehearses the score from beginning to end over and over, until premiering.

Since this piece, Alma has gone on to make collaborative work including ‘A Talk’, ‘Travail’ and most recently ‘Idioter’. For the Micro-Fest Alma will be returning to this first solo, a birth place for her particular practice, it is a good place for us to meet her, at the beginning.


Louise Ahl, also born in Sweden, studied choreography in Berlin and Dartington College of Arts. Now residing in Glasgow she has developed an expanded idea of dance and choreography, one way of doing this has been through the creation of and collaboration with her performance alter-ego The Ultimate Dancer.

My knowledge and experience of Louise’s work is that of transportation, of inhabiting other beings or other worlds. Like a shaman she drags something out from the undergrowth for us to see, to participate in. She does this through the medium of choreography, that is strict and committed.

Louise has been on her own journey making solo work since 2010, ‘This is Not a Dance’ and ‘Trance’ are also collaborations with The Ultimate Dancer and make what could be seen as a trilogy investigating the very language, structures and authorities of dance. If this is a trilogy, then ‘Intercourse’ is the last and terrifically explosive finale.

“in seeking to kill ideas about dance in order to allow dance to be born again, Ultimate Dancer is following the most ancient and profound of meta-narratives, acting as a shaman to discover and bring back new knowledge and forge possibilities.” (**** The Skinny on This is not a Dance – August 2011).

And so we have a beginning and we have an end.
I felt like that these two pieces and artists align because they both break open dance and the potentials of movement, sound, rhythm. Professionally, both Alma and Louise have established themselves and their creative journeys. Journeys which will pass through Bristol on Friday 28th November.

See you there.

Intercourse by Ultimate Dancer Louise Ahl | Cosas by Alma Soderberg
Friday 28th November
The Trintiy Centre
7.30pm (Doors at 7pm)


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