Two Legged Animal

We’ve been working with Ziggy Slingsby on her new circus piece after winning the VOLT award in April 2014. The show has been coming on leaps and bounds, to have a look at what has already happened head over to Ziggy’s blog which documents the process. The blog gives you an eye into the rehearsal process – from harnessing the power of a horse to their physicality, how Ziggy and musician Rowan are collaborating and a peppering of imagery.

One of the most exciting recent developments is a name change away from Horse (the previous name). Prepare yourself for Two Legged Animal.

Soon Lina will be heading over to Stockholm to shoot the imagery and trailer for Two Legged Animal to create something sexy and intriguing for your eyes. This will be shot at DOCH – Dance and Circus University of Stockholm which we are very excited about!

The tickets for Two Legged Animal will be available soon, the performance is on the 4th Feb 2015 at the Wickham Theatre here in Bristol.

Here at Ausform we know you can’t wait to get your grubby mitts on those tickets so satisfy yourself till Feb by gorging on our Micro-Fest here this month! We are selling fast, be sure you don’t miss out on and get your tickets here!

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