Swedish – The Vegetable Edition

We are starting to get pretty excited about the Micro-Fest now. An unintentional theme of this years Micro-Fest is all things Swedish including our Micro-Fest Hub Landskapet Bar, the Double Bill performance at the Trinity Centre and also our wonderful Director Lina B Frank!

Now I’m not going to lie, I did try to carve a swede into the Ausform logo over the weekend – clearly I got a bit cocky after the success of my pumpkin (Alfred the undead pumpkin head). But have you ever tried to carve a swede? It is really tough and I think if I had carried on I’d have ended up in A&E and no one wants that on a Saturday night. So instead we have a swede-filled-gif and I think that’ll do.


Double Bill: Intercourse by Louise Ahl & Cosas by Alma Söderberg

Trinity Centre | Fri 28 Nov 7:30pm | Tickets £10 

The Double Bill is two solo dance pieces which push the boundaries of what is considered dance. Lousie Ahl performs as her alter-ego the Ultimate Dancer in a sexual play between pleasure and trauma with three chairs, an aloe vera plant and a critic. Alma Söderberg collages movement, song and gesture to explore the physical aspects of language.

Louise and Alma are women with a strong integrity but a soft nature which is captivating to watch and they both explore the use of choreography as patterns and sound. Lina says that Swedes that venture out of Sweden are the brave ones. Come and be brave with us.

A few of our events are starting to sell out – so make sure that you aren’t stuck in the cold without a ticket and pick up a few from the Micro-Fest website.

Also you still have a chance to catch the last few days of AFFIX, which as you can see is very fun. We will be uploading all the pictures from our late night adult’s session taken by the wonderful Paul Samuel White so keep your eyes peeled for them!

AFFIX at The Station

7 Nov 6:30pm-9pm

8 Nov 5:30pm-8pm

10 Nov 2:30pm-5pm

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