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Hello people reading my blog.

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This is me at AFFIX at Bristol Old Vic

I hope your enjoying what you’re reading so far. The opening sentence is the hardest to write.

My name is Michael Tew, I’m twenty-two and I live in Bristol. I started Interning for Ausform just under a month ago .

When starting to write this blog I began by reading and researching Epistolary novels. I read snippets and extracts of Adrian Mole, Bridget Jones, We need to talk about Kevin and Perks of being a Wallflower to name a few but they lacked something. They didn’t talk to me about Ausform, the Micro-Fest or the team I work with. I hoped I could just re-type sections and hope no one would notice. However there were no characters that truly resembled anyone in the office (unless one is secretly Kevin without me knowing and then that’s a whole other blog).

The books were also lacking vital details of surviving in the work team:

1) What makes a good song in the work place (If I ever got asked to select the music the workforce listened to I would still struggle)

2) Remember on your first day at work to bring your laptop

3) Keep flyers on you at all times, you might just need one. I’ve learnt quickly to keep a stash in my bag for fear of missing out on a promotional pitch.

Why doesn’t Bridget Jones ever write about these essential rules in her diary? She writes about nearly everything else.

When I started here I thought I knew a lot. But that’s not as true as I first thought. I know my fair share of venues, companies and what’s going on but not on the same scale as the rest of the team but that is why I am interning.

Coming into work at Ausform is like a breath of fresh air. The buzz that surrounds the workforce is contagious. Not just by the team but also by the now stereotypical music you hear when walking into the Ausform headquarters – Jojo Townsend (Marketing Officer) has described it as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean meets electronic hip-hop’.

During my time at Ausform so far I have learnt how to properly us twitter which is amazing. I now believe I could hit the hundred mark on my own profile. I have also been taught to use #hashtags correctly – just because it says what I want it to say doesn’t mean it’s reads correctly to other people! (Many a time I have misplaced Café Kino as an American basketball player. I personally sometimes see the resemblance).

Ausform has also taught me so far about scheduling meetings, time sheets, meeting a deadline for a programme launch day and most importantly to set a time scale for anything you set out to do. You can imagine and dream all you like but you have to have a date to go towards in order to plan all the work that needs to happen to get you there. I’ve learnt about boats and even more about the elusive Mega bus deals. Also my diary has never been so full with performances, talks and other events occurring throughout the city.

I witnessed my first VOLT night recently. It was exciting seeing a thriving circus community where performers are not afraid to platform new ideas. Well done to all the performers for making that night so special, your work is still in my thoughts.

Thank you Ausform for a great first month and I hope to meet all of you, my readers, at some point during Micro-Fest or maybe a book club.

Michael Tew


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