Announcing: VOLT line-up

Hello lovely people! I hope that you are all enjoying the start of autumn as much as Team Ausform & are getting excited about the goodies we have in store for you.

On the 9th October Ausform will be taking Circomedia by storm with VOLT #4!

We have FIVE artists who will be sharing circus work at the earliest stage of creating a new performance. This time we will be joined by:

Maddie McGowan
Presenting early developments into a new idea that starts from the fact that her hands are exactly like her Grandmothers’s and her phenomenal experience on Maddie growing up. Intrigued by the way that we carry a biological blueprint of our forebears around in us. Teamed with that is the fact that Maddie’s hands take her up and down ropes for a living, they grab, twist and catch. She wants to use this to open up a piece which investigates the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.
Abigail Evans
Abigail is testing out a new piece on several aerial silks. The silks intertwine to create new possibilities. From climbing up using strands from different silks which creates a tension that enables the artist to work with in the air. They also become braided creating a sort of nest in which the women are captured and can meet. It is a dance driven piece using the skills of an aerialist to create strong visual images of female bodies in the air.
Lee Tinnion
After coming straight out of a mathematics degree and straight into circus Lee developed a keen interest in rigging and is now looking to combine circus and performance rigging in a solo act. The concept for the act could be summarised as the rigging technician who gets caught at the heart of the act.
Bianca Bertalot
5 Basic Needs: Understanding Child’s Development Needs Through Theatre (Working Title)
Bianca will be presenting parts of a solo show based on Pesso’s work on child’s development, the notion of basic developmental needs, they are descriptions of types of interactions that need to take place within the infant.
Matt Mulligan
Matt is currently studying dance up North, but is returning to Bristol to present a piece of clowning which forms part of a larger show he is currently developing for next year involving basic audience interaction, gameplay, movement and acrobatics.

Also check twitter hashtag #circVOLT and if you are not following us already we’re on @ausform @circomedia

GET TICKETS FOR VOLT (£4 no booking fee)

VOLT Circus Scratch Night is Co-Produced by Ausform and Circomedia

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PS. This time next week we will be ready to announce the Micro Fest programme! It’s exciting and you are going to want to be there so write the dates in your diary right now: 27-29 November 2014.

Image: Ausform featuring Steven Allen at VOLT taken by Graham Burke 

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