VOLT Circus Scratch 3rd of April

VOLT #3 is coming up on the 3rd of April at Circomedia Church.

We have 4 circus pieces in progress we will show, some very exciting news and a secret to reveal.

Who’s showing work:

Chez Theatre and The Clockwork Moth
An experiment between circus, shadow puppetry and fairytale
Inspired by the classic fairytale Rapunzal; these two companies will use light, darkness, puppetry and aerial silks as a screen. This new collaboration will explore the possibilities of shadow puppetry, aerial circus and look into ways of combining clowning and storytelling using their various skills.  Drawn to non-linear and non–verbal ways of sharing stories, we are looking at ways to use images from folk tales to communicate modern aspects of humanity.
Kate-Inez Kieran and Lee Scott Tinnion
Stories through the fairground with a counter-weighted rope.
Extracting different stories from in, above, below and around the spectacular world of the Fairground, Kate-Inez Kieran presents a new counter-weight rope piece, developed with NoFit State Circus. With ambitions of going on a journey and pushing this piece further, Kate is interested in questioning an audience how the work can go further a-field or go further a-fairground!
Steven Allen
Examining the consequences of over ambition, with a hint of Greek myth
Inspired by the Greek Myth of Icarus, Steven Allen is looking to drawn out themes of hope, frustration and determination. A solo on rope for an audience free to move in space, like Icarus getting too close to the Sun, Steven is interested in how this piece might fall away from the story and engage his audiences in broader meanings of over ambition.
Ziggy Slingsby
An exploration on rope, a meeting in the dark.
An idea that started as one of her dreams, Ziggy Slingsby presents a brand new exploration on rope. A solo that is performed for an audience sat for half the time in the dark, Ziggy wants to find out what abstract language, imagery and landscape might be evoked in an audience through new experiments in sense and circus.

Also check twitter hashtag #circVOLT and if you are not following us already we’re on @ausform @circomedia

GET TICKET FOR VOLT HERE (£4 no booking fee)


Image: Ausform featuring Steve Ryan at VOLT, photo taken by Graham Bourke

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