Theatre Bristol needs your words…. @theatrebristol

Theatre Bristol is a pretty special organisation. It’s a collection of producers based in Bristol who’s everyday purpose is to make Bristol the BEST EVER it can be at being a place where performance is thriving.

At the moment they host two Writers in Residence (Tom Wainwright and Richard Aslan) who are doing a really interesting job of opening up conversation in performance through words.

Richard Aslan is one of them and below is his current request from all of you… it’s a pretty cool idea so do help him out.



There’s this wall in the Theatre Bristol offices. It’s big, and white, and whenever they are in a meeting, the Theatre Bristol team stare at it. Sometimes for hours. They asked me to think of a way to decorate it, potentially just so they had something more interesting to look at.
I had a think, and I hatched a plot. I thought, why not remind them, right there, on the wall, what this is all REALLY about? Why not keep the crux of the matter front of mind? Why not tell them what motivates the Bristol performance community to make performance and then stencil it ALL OVER THE WALL. Brilliantly, they agreed.
So, I need your words: I would like you to answer one of the following questions, in as few words as possible. Around TEN would be great or the stencils are going to be a total bugger to cut …

Once you’ve cogitated, please send your answer to and then prod, poke, repost and retweet every other performance maker you know to do likewise.

Thanks – you’re great.

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