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PINCH is Isabelle Cressy and Hannah Kew together they make seriously good work and if you are in London this January (or near enough) you should go see it. I think they might be filming it also.

Isabelle is Associate Artist with Ausform, since joining Ausform she has started PINCH – a new company with collaborator Hannah Kew.
What Are You Trying To Say? is their first piece and the idea is to develop a second partner piece to tour around the country. This piece first surfaced for Ausform Platform Autumn 2012 and since then has been developed though Bristol Old Vic Ferment and with support though Ausform FORGE and Isabelle’s Associateship.

I just want to be brilliant…

Why is it so difficult to start something when you know you might fail?
Why can’t failing be necessary, or better still – enjoyable!
Why is success seemingly the only option?

What Are You Trying to Say? is a celebration, an uncontrolled, undignified, messy expression of the most human kind. It is a discussion about success and failure viewed through the process of making creative work.

Using an original sound score, aided by pop music, in a physical dialogue with the audience, two artists dive in, head first, desperate to make something ‘good’! 
This shared experience is a wry look at the comedy of failure.

Audience quotes from Bristol Old Vic Ferment showing:

“I really love this piece. I felt it was made with me in mind”

“a very brave and naked piece”

“very intense fun and honest”

PINCH is part of a Triple Bill with Katarse Ensemble and SpiroDance.

Don’t miss it!

More on the PINCH ladies here:

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