Announcing New Associate Artist

We’d like to announce something really exciting! We are starting a new longterm relationship with another artist. So far we have been working with Isabelle Cressy and Jonathan Priest as Associate Artists – both whom have done really well in the last couple of years. We have a different relationship with each person and we don’t believe in ownership – the artist is free to work with whoever they want and receive support from whoever them want whilst being Ausform Associate. The key is what they want.

The new Associate Artist is Caroline Williams.

Caroline began working as an actor after studying English at Cambridge University. Her acting work includes the solo show ‘Limbo’ for Real Circumstances, described as “An outstanding performance… one of Edinburgh’s most gripping hours” (British Theatre Guide), as well as ‘All About Me’ for BBC/ Resource Base.

Caroline was one of the original members of Paper Cinema, performing ‘Night Flyer’ and ‘King Pest’ as well as devising and performing in ‘The Lost World’ and ‘The Odyssey’ in venues throughout Europe and the UK. Her interest in visual story telling and experimental theatre led her to train at the London International School of Performance Art in 2010 before embarking on a career as an independent theatre maker.

Caroline continues to write and direct her own work including Puffball which you can see a work-in-progess of this here week at BAC. And we want to join her on this journey!

We know Caroline mainly because she first came to us as director of The Last Bock by William Bock in Ausform Autumn Platform 2012. The next platform she came back as a solo artist showing her own new piece Ich Bin Ein, No Thanks! for which we also hosted a 3 day residency at The Parlour in Bristol prior to the platform.

We hope that you will enjoy her work as much as we do.

Caroline performing Ich Bin Ein No Thanks! at Ausform Spring Platform 2013 - Photo by Paul Blakemore

Caroline performing Ich Bin Ein No Thanks! at Ausform Spring Platform 2013 – Photo by Paul Blakemore


Forge is Ausform’s Artist Support strand of which the Assoicate Artists scheme is part of.

Caroline Williams is also Associate at  The Yard  check them out! It is a very interesting place. logo

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