Sleepwalk Collective return to the Cube

About a year ago, a little more in fact I was in this very place, probably even on this very computer at this very very time at The Cube. It was Ausform’s Spring Platform and we were showing 4 performances. One of them was a work-in-progress of the new show Amusements by a company we greatly admire: Sleepwalk Collective.

Tonight (and tomorrow) at 8pm the show returns in its full glory as Mayfest present it back here at the Cube.

There is something really beautiful in bringing a show back to a space. It’s not only a testament to that it worked the first time, but also it seems appropriate as Amusements is perfect for the Cube stage. It has occurred to me when you watch the show that it looks like the Cube was built as a set for the show. The intimacy, framing, ambiance and texture is the perfect setting. I spoke to Sammy from Sleepwalk Collective who echoes those thoughts and say the Cube their favorite place for the show for those reasons.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show finished. It’s over a year since the work-in-progress at Ausform Platform and the show has since been in Edinburgh, toured Spain and been nominated for awards.
Being a piece where the audio is heard through head-phones it’s a filmic experience. Meditative, hypnotic and sexy are also words that my memory finds.

Join us at The Cube tonight or tomorrow at 8pm

Venue: The Cube
Time: 20:00
Price: £10/ £7 – tickets available on the door (no cards accepted only cash)
Running Time: 45 mins
Age Guidance: 14+
Box Office Number: +44 (0)117 987 7877

Image by Alex Brenner

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