Associate Artist Jon Priest to show work at Sampled

jon priestcopyTomorrow Ausform goes to Cambridge Junction, to accompany Associate Artist Jonathan Priest in a third outing of Knot Circus –  ‘a circus of one’. Image above by Paul Blakemore


This is the first time we are working with the Associates in this way. We’re not producing this show – but we are developing a lovely relationship which for me seems to fall between a friends moral support and an associate producers.  It feels nice to discover that I feel like we are as much Associates of Jon’s as he is an Associate of ours. Knots. It’s all about knots.

The focus of this showing will be how text and rope work together. How knots of words and knots of rope tangle and untangle.
Knot Circus is a contemporary circus piece, but at the end of the day I think of it more like a piece of theatre or performance. The ideas come from text, but in form the balance of the text is crucial. It has more words than I have ever seen a circus piece contain. And Jonathan’s phenomenal and ingenious movements on the rope are more sophisticated than most can dream up.

If you are in Cambridge or even in London (it’s not so far, right) we’d love to see you there. There’s plenty of other things to see, if you want to hang out come up for the day, there’s (incredibly cheap) day passes. I don’t know a single person in Cambridge, so I’m hoping to meet lots for theatre friends and see work.

Hope to see you there,





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