Spring Platform success!


Thanks so much if you came to the platform, we had a great time! 

We had 6 artists, or rather 6 shows by 8 artists.
This is the first time we have done 4 days of the platform and we kept hearing people referring to it as a festival. I suppose it had a bit of that vibe. With the cafe being open for 4 days it gave us a bit of a hub to work from and hang out.

Friday evening felt quite epic. High energy performances for the most of it and LOTS of laughter.
70/30 Split radiate confidence, Ellen Turner just exploded with energy all of the stage, Murray Wason showed us with his crafted thought provoking showed us that we can present full-length pieces of work even with the tiniest get-in times when we have a great team behind ourselves working together. One audience member said this was the best show he had seen in years (whoop!)
And of course Caroline Williams returns to Ausform with what turned out to be a lush surprise.
Caroline had developed Ich Bin Ein, No Thanks! with us in Bristol through our artist support scheme (FORGE) and had to cancel her showing due to illness. So… when she finally showed the start of the piece at the platform it was a delight.

For Caroline the piece is already moving on…

from her blog:

April 18, 2013 / Posted in: Ich bin ein, no thanks
Amazing fun doing the Platform in Bristol. The show is taking shape. Ausform is such a brilliant collective. The work leapt and screamed and wept. The show’s switch from comic melodrama into something more poetic is very tricky. In its shorter format it worked and I enjoyed unsettling the audience but the interplay will be more difficult if the show wants to go further, which I think it should. I shall keep thinking about cities, keep thinking about love and Berlin and see where the show takes me. First of all I know it will take me to The Gate Theatre as part of The Forest Fringe residency. I hope to add a few more surprises before then.

On Saturday and Sunday we continued with FUMES by Noemi Iglesias. Noemi’s work is a world of its’ own. A rich world which we had worked with her to show an audience parts of. Noemi experiments with fireworks and material to create visual art work and her world is very rich and rooted in real experience, politics and poetics.
Ryan and Dan were in a room upstairs testing out their piece for the first time. Their poetic slide show proved full of potential and I can’t help to hope that we will be able to bring this piece back at some point so we can see/hear the rest of the stories and journey. Very addictive.

On Friday night Paul Blakemore snapped away and caught some rather amazing photographs! When I figure out how to make a gallery here on wordpress you can see the rest of them, or if I don’t there’ll be a picture blog coming soon!

Thank you all for being so excellent and hanging out with us making our work a complete joy!

See you all again soon, don’t forget to sign up to the mailinglist is you wanna hear what we are up to. Do this by emailing info@ausform.co.uk withe SUBSCRIBE

On behalf of all of the team,

Thanks again,




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