Twitter interview with 70/30 Split


Lunch time date No.1 of this week with Spring Platform Artists @7030Split – First of all, where are you in the world? #ausform0413
70/30 Split ‏Hi there we are currently in a dance studio in York surrounded by books and paracetamol #ausform0413

 Sounds interesting, what are you working on, the show for the platform or something new? #ausform0413

70/30 Split
a bit of both! Preparing for Ausform and working on something new which we will be premiering @ContactMcr on the 2nd of May

 so talking about starting something new, how did the piece your bringing to us, Content Part 1, begin its life? #ausform0413
70/30 Split  It began over a beer down the pub, our first endeavour together. Made real by York St John University for their Create festival
Ausform – and what was the starting point for that endeavour? #ausform0413
70/30 Split All started from personal performance experiences, we wanted to give a glimpse into the minds of two ‘dancers’ #ausform0413
Ausform – Exciting, what is your favourite moment of Content Part 1 to perform? #ausform0413
70/30 Split Ha! We both agree that our fav is ‘movement meaning’ its a special moment of cheeky play between us and the audience #ausform0413
Ausform – what else are you excited to see at the Spring Platform? Robots? Gun powder? What tickles your fancy? #ausform0413
70/30 Split  Ellen Turner we have seen the work before and know she is developing it so it will be interesting but everything seems great!

 – we are interviewing @EllenRTurner tomorrow, we’re excited about her work too! #ausform0413

– So we will be selling cakes at the Ausform Cafe, and you have had a sneek peek, what you looking forward to trying? ausform0413

70/30 Split yes developing work can be challenging often leads to moments like this. #ausform0413

70/30 Split  Sophie’s choice – chocolate and beetroot brownies, Lydia’s choice – white chocolate and raspberry blondies NOM! #ausform0413

Ausform – and finally, what are you having/had for lunch? #ausform0413
70/30 Split Lydia-crackers,Sophie-satsuma(looking after our impeccable bodies)Now back to digesting books #ausform0413

 – You have been wonderful, you can catch Lydia, Sophie and their piece Content Part 1 @CUBECINEMA this Friday 7pm! #ausform0413

70/30 Split
 see you then, we can’t wait!
Undeniably neither can we!
You can get a ticket HERE to see these great guys and a bunch of other amazing people.
This week we will also be speaking to Ryan Van Winkle, Murray Wason and Ellen Turner on Twitter, keep an eye on #ausform0413 and our @ausform twitter account

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