Introducing: Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman – Platform Artists 2013

viewmaster_wpRyan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman are showing their piece VIEWMASTER a poetic slideshow on Sat & Sun 13-14th of April at the Parlour Showrooms.
This is what they say about where they come from and what they are bringing to the platform this spring.
Ryan Van Winkle – I live in Edinburgh where I work as a poet amongst other things like doing podcasts, performances, and workshops.
Dan Gorman – I’m currently based in London and working on artistic and political projects, most recently Reel Iraq. I also am a compulsive sound collector.
What are bringing to Ausform?
Ryan – Dan and I are bringing ViewMaster — a poetic slideshow. Dan and I met over a decade ago and have collaborated a bunch of times in the past — combining his electro-freak-outs with poetry as part of the Naughty Boys.
Dan – I’ll be making music and Ryan will be reading his poems, whilst the audience is immersed in a 3 dimensional world of our creating and their choosing. We both have an interest in collecting things and using found objects to build from, and this work is a classic example. Myself and Ryan work together a lot, in kitchens, on music projects and on political arts projects.
Ryan – ViewMaster was created after the semi-success of my fringe show Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel – a piece that involves creating a bed-sit for me to read poems to you in. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ in that room, however, so it is super impractical for small tours or performances. So, I wanted to create something where the visual element was a lot more portable. Dan has always been an excellent gatherer of cool objects and one day showed me his viewmaster slides of Mecca. We realised we could create a micro-show where the viewer would click through a slide while I read poems to Dan’s soundtrack. In this way, we could build a world without having to pack a lot of boxes.
Why come to Bristol?
Ryan – Bristol is someplace many creative friends have migrated to & I’ve long been loyal the collective, community-based, vibe of places like The Cube, Cafe Kino and others. (Dan and I first met in a similar space up in Edinburgh – The Forest arts collective).
Dan – I like Bristol. I’ve played music there before and always felt very welcomed, as well as enjoying the edges.
Ryan – Bristol is one of those places I always threaten to move to when I’m particularly sick of Edinburgh.
What Inspires you?
Ryan – My last piece, Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel are heavily indebted to our friends Deborah Pearson and Andy Field without whom I would still have a pretty narrow view of what theatre can be. The intimate stuff they’ve done / encouraged led directly to me being able to conceive of these pieces and gave me permission to follow what I thought were pretty weird ideas when I was looking for ways to present work outside of standard stand up and read to an audience model of many poetry nights.
Dan – All the artists (and all of the people in general) I’ve met working in conflict situations continue to humble and inspire me.
You can get a ticket for Dan and Ryan’s show HERE

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