Great night at VOLT and more applications for our platform than ever

Hey there! Happy Sunday!

Last night we had our first circus scratch night co-produced by Circomedia in their lush church at Portland Square. We sold 20 tickets over estimated capacity and tried a new feedback format out. All in all it was a great night and we’ve now been asked if we can’t do it more than twice a year. I’m not sure yet if we can, but we’ll have a chat about this. If you have something great to say about our pilot night or you took some pictures of yourselves and your friends there last night send them over to us for documentation

Thank you so much to all of you who came. It was a lovely evening and it did feel from our point of view like we were all doing it together. Nice ONE. 

Also on Friday was the deadline for applications for our Spring Platform which happens the 12th AND 13th of April. We have had more than ever from all over the country so this is pretty exciting. We are having a shortlisting meeting on Monday and will be in touch this week to disucss ideas with those of you who’ve submitted. It makes us very happy when lots of people want to show work. 

So if you want to go on the VOLT mailinglist also email us on 

speak soon! 


ps. the lovely image we have used is Ziggy Slingsby who performed at VOLT last night (not with this piece) 

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