VOLT: Call Out for early stages circus work #VOLT

You might or mightn’t have heard that Circomedia and Ausform are teaming up to organise a scratch night of circus works in Circomedia’s Church in Portland Square on the 9th of February.

The deadline isn’t gone to submit your piece. We have 5-6 slots to fill depending how many we can fit. If you have an idea that you’d like to share and start a conversation of feedback about, then this could be a really useful opportunity for you.
We are calling it a scratch night, because we are not trying to organise a showcase. Your time is best used if you’ve recently started working on something and could do with a bit of help on which way to go with it. Or if you have been working devising for a while, but are unsure about elements or direction and would like to share in front of the public rather than just your friends and colleagues.
We will try to create a chilled out and un-threating atmosphere for this with friendly faces and a drink in hand.

If you are interested fill in the really lo-fi application form which you can find here:  http://ausform.co.uk/VOLT/VOLT_app.doc and send it to volt@ausform.co.uk

For more info go here: http://ausform.posterous.com/pages/volt

Get in touch if you have any questions or like to help out on:  volt@ausform.co.uk  

Deadline for application for VOLT on 9th of Feb is 22nd of January 2013.

Thanks for reading, and remember we need an audience too


ps. if you work with Circus and haven’t filled in the Theatre Bristol questionnaire about your practise in Bristol yet, then this is where you do: http://theatrebristol.net/showcase/to-circus-makers-an-anglo-french-project

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