Thank you…

Thank for coming last week to our platform!


We had a great time and there was a really nice vibe we thought, so thanks, couldn’t do it without the awesome audience and artists and generally greatness you are.

Whilst there is some momentum we’d like to take the opportunity to tell you about something you might or might not know – did you know that….

The Cube is buying the Cube!

Yes! You heard right. Now Ausform wouldn’t exist as a platform or as a company if it weren’t for the cube and we are obviously excited by this.

So! If 15 000 people give £12 contribution each that would be enough to get the building in the bag. Quite frankly that is the truth. So, if you have ever been to the cube or think we, you or they do some awesome stuff then give a penny,

Donations of any size and kind are still very welcome here:

or email the Freehold team at

The next platform is in April and our new scratch night in collaboration with Circomedia is in Feb, so stay tuned for some newzzzzz

Love team Ausform!

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