“Wonderfully inspiring to visit a space, in the heart of #Bristol on….”

Ausform offer a bi-annual platform for up and coming performers. I was lucky enough to know one of the performaers featured in April’s exhibition. Based in Birmingham, Matt Foster is an installation artists apart of The Lombard Method.

Focussing on geometric shapes, Foster forms free-standing structures taking their strength from tessellating triangles. I was lucky enough to take a peek at one of his main influences. These manifested themselves in exhibition postcards from many a vintage fair! Crazy architectural images from Eastern Europe in the Sixties!

Matt’s challenge was to fill his section of The Parlour with a structure one could enter, a space within a space.

Jackie Vitale also shared the Parlour art space. Vitale offered several avenues for remedies. There was a corner of solitude shelter, allowing one to write away thoughts bottled up. Next in line was a breadth of potions to mix and relieve the most intimate of ailments.  During Saturday’s live platform, visitors had the chance to  experience a one-to-one interactive performance (which had quite the queue during my visit!).

Wonderfully inspiring to visit a space, in the heart of Bristol on an April afternoon. With the scent of coffee and home made cakes luring  art viewers and shoppers alike into a space of safety, intrigue and imagination.

I look forward to the next Platform, with bated breath…

Well done, to all at Ausform!


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