It’s here! The Autumn Platform line-up….

Ausform’s bi-annual Performance Platform is back.
This time with 6 shit hot shows of ambitious work-in-progress and finished pieces.

Thurs 15th November at The Cube (
Doors open at 6pm

7pm – Rain by Jack Dean
the newly extended version of Jack’s show Rain:
“I realised then that the boys we were are carried forever within us, operating from behind our skull like the tiny alien in Men In Black. And though we may deny their existence, over us they will forever reign”

8:15pm – Dance double-bill: Hayley Barker + Isabelle Cressy and Hannah Kew
brand new work-in-progress by Associate Artist Isabelle Cressy and Hannah Kew which is being developed through Forge – Ausform’s Associate Artist Programme.
…in a double-bill with ghostly, intimate dance solo piece ‘Womanish’ by Hayley Barker.

9pm – The Last Bock by William Bock
Artist William explores being the last in the family line through painting, live performance and a journey took him across Europe.

Sat 17th November at The Parlour Showrooms
College Green – Cafe and hub open 2-8pm 

4pm and 6pm – I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a boy by Chloë Smith

Chloë says “…Something I really really want to make work about. …part of the reason I had felt lost until now was that I didn’t feel like I had a community in London, and now I did. I have met some of the most interesting, intelligent and caring people I have ever met in my life.”
This performance is limited capacity and booking a place even with combination ticket is essential.

Various time: A new untitled work in progress by wait and see

Ausform is proud to support the development of wait and see’s new immersive audio experience for two audience members.
You know that feeling when you’re on your own in public and the person next to you reveals something about themselves or asks for your help, and you’re connected for that brief moment?
This piece is a work in progress running alongside the platform’s headlining pieces and will be  happening on Saturday 17th Nov. Meet us at the Parlour to take part in this experience.

Tickets and prices online at

Tickets for single events or combination ticket for all events including Friday
and Saturday are available. Combination tickets are cheaper in advance.

Image credit: Hayley Barker

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