The Last Bock; a new Ausform Supported Project…Blog post from Will Bock

This spring we have started working with artist William Bock to develop his first solo show; The Last Bock. Will came to Bristol and spent a 3 day residency rehearsing at The Parlour with a director and composer.


Thank you Ausform for giving us some R&D time to develop my new show in Bristol during June 2012. The cloud filled attic room on the top floor of the Parlour was the perfect place for ‘The Last Bock’ team, to dream, play and experiment with new ideas for the show! We all found having space away from our busy London life very beneficial to  the devising process.


It allowed Caroline Williams to work with me on exploring my voice as storyteller while we established the narrative structure to the piece. Ed Dowie, our wonderful musician, started to build a evocative soundscape in response of the unfolding story. On the final day of the residency we did a showing to a small group of friends and artists. Although the piece was still in its early stages, the feedback we received was hugely helpful and constructive. We are doing a scratch of the show in East London in late July and then Ausform Platform in mid November which we are really looking forward to!

About the project;

The Last Bock is a one man show devised by visual artist William Bock in collaboration with Caroline Williams (dramaturg) and Ed Dowie (Musician).  The show is inspired by the artist’s project  of the same name which explores Bock’s genealogical findings through painting, storytelling and sound.  The project took him on a journey to Germany, Sweden, Mexico and Israel to meet his remaining relatives and to sit and paint as many of them as possible. For the artist, this work highlighted his feelings about being a gay man and also being the last in the Bock’s family line. The work embodies the universal concerns of loss, belonging and our unavoidable and yet often neglected connection with our past, lineage and heritage.

Thank you Ausform

Will x


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