For all who have been waiting…

…there is now an outing for Ausform Associate Artist Jonathan Priest’s work-in-progress of his new solo piece ‘Knot Circus’

Knot Circus

Jonathan Priest 

What is on the end of your rope? How much rope is enough? If something comes undone can it be fixed? Is there a thread that we can follow? If you are politically opposed to the effects of gravity, where should you stand?

Jonathan is an international circus artist who will be making knots around these questions in an exploration of the relationship between a circus performer and his rope.

Jonathan will present his piece in a double-bill with Live Artist Sylvia Rimat in the Bristol Old Vic Studio as part of the Bristol Ferment Fortnight this July.

Fri 27 of July, 6.30pm £4 (cheap as chips basically!)

@bristolferment (on twitter)


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