Tonight at The Cube – Conference of Strange by Patternfight Performance


Coming to The Cube – Tonight!

10th May


£6 (ADV) £8 (ON THE DOOR)

The Cube Microplex 2011 *****

Rather than writing a critique of “Conference of Strange”, I feel as though I could just write the words “wow! Amazing! Incredible! Extraordinary! Clever!” over and over again.
The sole actress, Sarah Ruff, spent the whole performance reacting to a series of wonderfully unique images which were projected onstage – this was done astoundingly well, and her in-depth and faultless knowledge of the intricate timings suggested hours and hours of careful rehearsal.

Regrettably, our star rating system only runs up to five – if there was a sixth star, I would have awarded it. A fantastic, thoroughly entertaining performance and I would jump at the chance to see more work by this company – “PatternFight Performance”.

Threeweeks 2011 *****

In a world so overpopulated, why reproduce at all? 
Why not become a cyborg, like the star of ‘Conference Of Strange’, Sarah Ruff?… 
original, and truly hilarious….
the senses are treated to both physical art and comedy in a marvellous synthesis….
clever, topical and inordinately witty display that will make you pause and think, not to mention chortle. This show is inventive, warm, and poignant.

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