Reflections and Photos – The Spring Platform 2012

It has been a week since the Platform and time for a little reflection… and photo sharing!

We had a fantastic time and are really happy to say so did the artists, the Cube always provides a welcome space where audiences are just in the right mood for some new performance. Thank you all who came and received the work with such open hearts.


Images by Sebastian King

Greg Wohead’s I like the way you wear your hair got everyone giggling, taking us back to those awqward teenage years of trying to be a grunge kid and counting our rock collections on the window sill. Gregs performance was charming and disarming, simple storytelling with a lo- fi feel, building the stories locations within the theatre through the clever use of a pico projector.

CODA dance’s You remind me of someone i once knew brought great energy onto the stage, i found the choreography beautiful in parts, particularly the solo’s and moments of syncroncity. The feeling of struggle and disfunction was clear. I would encourage some times of silence, as i found the soundtrack a bit overwhelming, but overall i admired the dancers ability and commitment to a challenging piece.

Sleepwalk Collective tipped us into a sleepy roller coaster ride by taking over our aural sense. Wearing headphones the cacophony of sounds put me into a stooper. I could feel a change in my body as Iara’s voice brought me to a point of relaxation. The work through its tact and text brings to light how sensitive we are, how we are flesh that can be controlled by touch, taste, sound, light, how we can be so easily amused. The work in progress is working with this interesting idea and then complicating it by bringing up exploitation and voyeurism in the theatre as Iara’s performance flickers between sadness and madness. I felt myself change during this work, I felt vulnerable, I was taken to a few places through sound and encouraged to visualise them, I would have liked a few more of these trips and less teasing out of the actual moment. This work caused a lot of discussion in the bar afterwards, bringing up many more opinions to what i have just outlined. We at Ausform look forward to seeing AMUSEMENTS develop.

The following day at THE PARLOUR SHOP was a pleasant day and we had a good mix of audience from the previous night and passers by from the street. Much tea and cake was consumed, people were healed by Jackie Vitale and Intrigued by Matt Foster’s sculpture (that came down much faster than it went up!). This was a new venture for Ausform and one i think we will repeat!


Images by The Ausform Team

Applications for the Autumn Platform are open now and will close early autumn. Selection is made early September. The application form is available at



Conference of Strange

by Patternfight Performance


10th of May / 8pm / £6 adv / £8 on the door

Set in a world of technological contraptions where the protagonist is a confused Cyborg who struggles to understand her ability to reproduce. Sarah Ruff uses stand-up comedy, live art and animation to describe a personal dilemma. Featuring real and hilarious telephone conversations with her mother who seems to have lived in a forgotten age.

At the heart of the work is a very human, comical and tragic response to the feeling of being disenfranchised. The piece was greatly inspired by Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and conversations with Andrew Clarke Author of Natural Born Cyborgs. Conference of Strange has a strong visual concept and uses stark projected imagery.  


Patternfight Performance is an award winning multi media theatre company based in London. 



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