Sleepwalk Collective AMUSEMENTS short trailer

Here is the trailer we tweeted a while back from the first scratch of AMUSEMENTS the new show from Sleepwalk Collective which is coming to Ausform’s Platform in about two weeks…

We are mega-excited about this, not only because we love the Sleepwalkers, but because this is the first outing of the show in the UK and it’s the first time we host a head-phones piece. So, you will be watching the stage, but you will wear headphones for sound.

Formed in London in 2006, the company is currently based in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Spanish
Basque Country. As well as performing across Spain and the UK, we have also toured work to
France, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands.

AMUSEMENTS/EL ENTRETENIMIENTO Trailer from Sleepwalk Collective on Vimeo.



About the show:

Like some backroom carnival ride/lo-fi sci-fi experimental pleasure-machine, AMUSEMENTS is
an insolent, tempestuous new solo piece for theatres. Intensely sensorial, with a complex blur of
live and pre-recorded text and music experienced through wireless headphones, the
performance rushes recklessly towards the limits of over-stimulation, with an open heart and a
head full of trouble.

“You are an audience. You are a machine for watching. Remember everything…”

In development 2011-12, Sleepwalk Collectives 4th full-length work and follow-up to the award-
elements from that piece – the minimal staging and the hypnotic layering of voice and music –
and carries them both to their logical extremes. Again a solo for iara Solano Arana, the
performance is a rich and emersive experience created for theatre spaces, and a plunge
into the depths of physical pleasure.

CREATED BY Sleepwalk Collective
PERFORMED BY iara Solano Arana
DIRECTED BY Sammy Metcalfe

ORIGINAL MUSIC BY Sleepwalk Collective

LANGUAGE English or Spanish
DURATION 45 minutes (TBC)


The making of the show has been supported by BE Festival, Factoria de Fuegos and BE Festival.

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