Spring Platform Artist: Jackie Vitale

On Saturday the 21st April, The Parlour on College Green will be taken over by Matt Foster and Jackie Vitale. Both artists work in installation but with different materials and purposes. Matt will be building his pavilion whist Jackie will be making love potions. It will be an interaction and playful day, in which you can come and explore the artists work, both of which are fresh ideas in their first realisation!

a little more about… JACKIE VITALE


I come from a long line of women healers. When someone in town was sick, they found my great-great aunt, and then my grandmother, and now they find me. Healing is about intuition and compassion. But it’s also about feeling secure that you’ve got the power and the know-how to fight off whatever sickness you may meet with. That confidence was instilled in me young by the women who trained me, and I thank them for that.


You are unwell. It is not your body but that other you. The you that thinks and feels.

The you that is unwell spends too much time laying in bed when the sun is shining.

The you that is unwell is longing for that cute neighbor but refuses to make eye contact on the stairs.

The you that is unwell repeats embarrassing moments from your past over and over again in your head.

The you that is unwell tries to take up as little room as possible on the tube so that the man sitting next to you can spread his legs comfortably.

The you that is unwell is the you that has lost power.

Where has that power gone? And how do you find it again?

By taking action. You find it by being bold.

The more i do my work, the more I wonder why that sort of power—that sense that one is an agent of change—isn’t instilled in everyone. Why shouldn’t we be in charge of our own wellbeing? When did we give up that control, and to whom did we give it? How do we place our wellness back into our own hands? How do we become brave enough to see what’s wrong and try and do something to change it?

These are some questions I ask myself.

I’m not sure I’d call the work that I do performance, but I thank the folks at Ausform kindly for bringing me to Bristol. I’m excited to see what the people of this fine city  can bring to my little exploration of agency and wellness.


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