Spring Platform Artist: Matt Foster

On Saturday the 21st April, The Parlour on College Green will be taken over by Matt Foster and Jackie Vitale. Both artists work in installation but with different materials and purposes. Matt will be building his pavilion whist Jackie will be making love potions. It will be an interaction and playful day, in which you can come and explore the artists work, both of which are fresh ideas in their first realisation!

a little more about… MATT FOSTER

Our Associate Producer Hannah Sullivan first met Matt at BEfestival (www.befestival.org) in 2011, where he was building a morphing structure that one evening resembled a garden gondola and the next two satellite dishes. Matt worked throughout the day as artists and visitors busied around, occasionally asking him what he was up to, and matt was glad to inform them. In the evening the resulting structure of that day would frame the stage where live music erupted in the nights frivolities! It was a really enjoyable and interesting sculpture to see evolve and to observe Matt’s flow of creativity throughout the days as he deconstructed and constructed with cheap wood and cable ties.
For the Spring Ausform Platform Matt is working on an idea he has had for a long time but never got round to doing, which is inspired by World Fairs and Expositions, and the structures they leave behind such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle.

Matt came down to Bristol last sunny weekend to see the site and discuss the work, he came armed with a album of postcards displaying all the wonderful and weird architecture that has been created in past expositions. His favourite is the Montreal 67 exposition!

Matt plans to take inspiration from the structures made at these past events to make models of imagined pavilions, these will be brought to The Parlour (31 College Green), and then Matt will encase them within another structure that will be built during the day. We very much encourage you to come and chat to Matt about world fairs, expositions, architecture, building temporal and permanent structures while he is working, as he has lots to say!
Matt Foster is part of an independantly run studio and project space in Birmingham called The Lombard Method. The Lombard Method is a collective of 7 Birmingham based artists, who focus on their individual praces and also work towards group projects and engaging with other artists, spaces, audiences beyond the studio. 

To find out more visit www.thelombardmethod.org

The Lombard Method will be Spike Island, Bristol, for Open Studios on the 5-7th May! We hear there will be flapjack!  


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