Our Ausform Platform artists are busy bee's this week! Both Greg Wohead and CODA dance have upcoming shows in London Town. 

So we would like to shout about them!

GREG WOHEAD at Sprint Festival, Camden Peoples Theatre

Starting Blocks, 25th March

From Greg's Blog….

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new performance idea as part of Starting Blocks with Camden People’s Theatre, which culminates in a work-in-progress showing as part of Sprint Festival on Sunday 25th March, 7pm. Come if you fancy it. Get your tickets here for a fiver.

As a work-in-progress night, expect roughness and experimentation with a few exciting artists. And get booking for Sprint—lots of great work on.

My Feet Are Killing Me

Greg has worn women’s clothes four times; two parties, one special occasion and once for fun. In this performance, he shares these true stories (and the accompanying outfits) in an exploration of what it means for a straight Texan male to cross-dress. Contains dancing, high heels and short shorts.



CODA dance are performing at The Actors Church, Covent Garden as part of A.D. Platform on the 28th/29th and 30th March

Platform A.D is a three night choreographic platform presenting dance from five dramatically different dance companies that showcases the best in new UK choreographic talent and performance.

For more information on this platform visit


GREG WOHEAD will be showing I like the way you wear your hair at Ausform Platform of Performance – 7pm, 20th April, The Cube Microplex.

CODA dance will be performing You remind me of someone i once knew at Ausform Platform of Performance – 8.15pm, 20th April, The Cube Microplex.

Images – 

CODA dance
Greg Wohead by Rod Farry


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