The team at Ausform are excited to announce…

The team at Ausform are excited to announce

Repertory Dance Classes
at DanceSpace, Bristol
Time: Sundays 12.30-1.30pm
Starting 22nd of April and run for the summer term!

We are looking for practitioners to leading these sessions. To teach inspiring choreography at a fast pace to participants from different disciplines and backgrounds. The dance floor is your oyster!  We look forward to hearing your suggestions of what you would like to do, inspired by national and international choreographers work.

Taking part in the classes will be a brilliant opportunity to give your brain a workout, learn new material and meet other dancers on a chilled out Sunday.

If you’re interested in leading an Ausform Repertory Class, please send us a short description (250 words max) or a link to the choreography online to

if you would like to know more info, such as payment details please contact

Ausform is a company that promotes experiments in theatre and performance. We run a performance platform twice yearly, we present visiting companies and host events/parties throughout the year.

Image: Tilly Webber in ‘Flog’ by Isabelle Cressy, photo by John Railton


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