Tickets for Ausform Platform on the 19th of Nov now on sale!

Tickets are finally on sale for this November’s Platform! 
To buy a ticket for all events select 1 Ticket x £10this admits you to:6pm Bar Opens
7pm Knot Circus by Jonathan Priest
8pm Flog by Isabelle Cressy and We Can Stay All Day by The Clockwork Moth
9pm Keine Angst by Ira Brand
10pm Post show party If you would like to by individual tickets for the events this is also possible by selecting the show you’d like to see in the menu below. If you select just one show you can still hang out in the bar and come to the party. The party is free for everyone, with out without tickets. Enjoy!——

Ticket prices – all tickets are concessions.
By buying the multi-ticket you save £3

1 x Ticket (incl booking fee) £10.80 2 x Tickets (incl booking fee) £21.20 1 x 7pm Knot Circus (only) £3.80 1 x 8pm Flog + We could stay…. (only) £5.75 1 x 9pm Keine Angst (only) £5.75

Enter your name in the box below

This is very important as it is your reference to collect tickets.

More information about the shows are on the PLATFORM page


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