Edward Rapley takes the Exeter Fringe by storm!

Tonight is the last night of Edward Rapley at the Exeter Fringe. The first festival where he has showed his first and 2nd show of the trilogy in succession. And by the sounds of it, it has gone down a storm….


“An ode to Ed Rapley

Friday 1st July

Ed Rapley is a unique performer. He draws in an audience without you realising quite how he’s doing it. His show is about depression and anxiety; topics which, in another performer’s hands, would be unapproachable and dull. Ed starts his show gently, communicating with the audience and making us feel safe. He then pulls back into the show, exploring a his midlife crisis with sensitivity and dark humour. I’ve never seen a performer like Ed, and I don’t know how he does it. The only way I can describe him is as a gentle ginger genius. His show The Middle Bit plays at The Bike Shed Theatre tonight at 6pm and tomorrow at 8pm.”

Written by David Lockwood from the Bike Shed Theatre



You can see Edward do 10 Ways to Die on Stage in a double bill with Bryony Kimmings on saturday the 9th of July at Jackson’s Lane in London. 

Info here:  




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