10 Questions – Edward Rapley

So this week you can see Edward Rapley with his solo show 10 Ways to Die on Stage at Brighton Festival. 

Here’s Ten Questions:

NAME: Edward Rapley

Company: –



1. How would you describe yourself?

In the best possible light. 


2. What’s your connection to Ausform?

Ausform has helped me develop my work. 


3. What do you do? & Why do you do what you do?  

I work on stage because it is the only thing I think is important. 


4. What is the show you always become reminded of/remember the most? 

A performance by Leo Bassi that I never saw. My idea of it contains play and rebellion. 


5. What are you most proud of in your career?

My solo performances. All of them. Im most proud of them because they are my art. 


6. If your birth was generated by ideas rather than genes – who would be your mother? and who would be your father?

Marcel Duchamps is my mother and Andy Kauffman is my father. 


7. what is the wierdest gig/job you have turned up/been asked to do?

stiltwalking at the conservative party conference


8. Who is the best person you have collaborated with?

Holly Stoppit. She’s so great at facilitating creativity. She makes me feel really safe.


9. If a rich person gave a ridiculous amount of money and said “go on then, show us what art is all about!?” what would you make/do/create? 

I would give £10 000 to a hundred artists that I selected and tell them to use it for whatever they want. then I would collect stories of the audience responses and give them to the rich kid. 


Where are you going/doing next? / anything you would like to plug?

Postcard Festival at Jackson’s Lane the 9th of July! Come see my and Bryony Kimmings in double bill! 

Website: www.edwardrapley.co.uk




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