May News!

Ausform headquarters is on summer break from events. 

We’re getting prepared for Mayfest ( here in Bristol – Bristol’s theatrical highlight of the year – ready to see some inspiring work. 

I am particularly looking forward to see Foley by Jo Bannon (which I missed in Dec at IBT) in a double bill together with Sleepdogs Astronaut, The Summer House and much talked about Sex Idiot. Will also be catching most of the festival including Operation Greenfield, The Ice Book,  I guess if the stage exploded, Flogging a dead horse, Stationary Excess, Doris Day Can F**k Off, Ousia, Igor Corvette’s Dirty Little Secret, 30 Cecil Street and many more. 

I definitley recommend getting a festival pass, makes your life very easy! 

Warmly recommend Deborah Pearson’s Like You Were Before, much talked about Epic by Foster and Dechery and It’s Like He’s Knocking in INTERVAL space of the Parlour on College Green. 

We have given a small ‘go and see’ bursary to Hannah to see great theatre when it comes to our doorstep. 

See you at the opening party on Thursday!

/ Lina

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